Marantz SA-12SE SACD-soitin

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Marantz SA-12SE

SACD/CD -soitin USB DAC ja digitaalisilla liitännöillä

Marantz was in at the start of CD, launching its first player — the original CD-63 — in 1982. In the following years, Marantz became well known as the CD-Player specialist. Drawing on the development process for the flagship SA-10, and designed by the same team, the SA-12 Special Edition was created to celebrate the love of music and exalt the mastery and emotion of music.

Marantz Musical Mastering technology defines new standards in the digital and analogue audio processing. A disc mechanism built purely for audio, the “SACDM-3” is able to play SACDs, CDs, and compilations on CD-ROM or DVD-ROM. It also has an asynchronous USB input, able to handle formats all the way up to PCM/DXD 384kHz/32bit and DSD11.2MHz. The Marantz Musical Mastering Stream transforms all PCM file formats to DSD format, using advanced filtering and proprietary processing before the Marantz Musical Mastering Conversion converts the 1-bit data stream directly into an analogue signal without the use of a conventional D/A converter.

The Marantz engineering team created this player to deliver the kind of sound able to bring you closer than ever to your favourite music. The reason is simple, and central to everything Marantz does — because music matters.

Key Features

  • Engineered and extensively tuned by a team drawing on more than 35 years of Marantz expertise in CD players
  • Innovative Marantz Musical Mastering “MMM-Stream” up-sampling to DSD and filtering
  • Custom-designed 1-bit direct “MMM–Conversion” from DSD to analogue
  • High quality analogue output stage with Marantz HDAM-SA3 technology and low impedance output
  • In-house developed Marantz SACD/CD mechanism “SACDM-3” designed purely for audio
  • Playback of SACD/CD playback and of compilations on CD-ROM and DVD-ROM (audio)
  • Asynchronous USB input for hi-res audio up to PCM/DXD 384kHz/32bit and DSD11.2MHz
  • Isolation of USB and digital inputs to block noise from connected sources
  • Power supply using toroidal transformer
  • Dedicated headphone amplifier with all-discrete construction featuring HDAM-SA2

Tekniset tiedot:

  • CD Compatibility: CD / CD-R/RW / SA-CD / WMA / MP3 / AAC    o / o / o / o / o / o
  • CD-Text / SA-CD Text / ID3 Tag / WMA Meta Tag / AAC Meta data    - / o / o / o / o
  • Data Disc Compatibility: DSD / WAV / ALAC    <=5.6 / 192 / 96
  • DAC operation mode: USB-B / Coax / Optical    o / o / o
  • Asynchronous mode rear USB    
  • Bit-perfect transmission    
  • USB-B DSD Audio Streaming (DoP): DSD2.8 / DSD5.6    <=DSD11.2
  • Signal isolator for DAC Mode operation    
  • HDAM version    HDAM SA2 + HDAM SA3
  • Power Transformer: Toroidal / El    o / -
  • High Grade Audio Components    
  • Customised Components    
  • Symmetric circuit layout    
  • Copper plated chassis    
  • Extra metal plate for chassis strengthing    
  • Digital out off / Audio EX Mode    o / -
  • Headphone: Standard / Buffer / Current feedback    - / - / o
  • Analogue Out (Cinch)    2ch
  • Balanced Out    
  • Digital Optical In / Out    1 / 1
  • Digital Coaxial In / Out    1 / 1
  • Sample Rate digital In    192 kHz / 24-bit
  • Gold Plated Cinch    silver / nickel
  • USB Audio (Front) / Made for iPod / Made for iPhone    rear / - / -
  • USB-A: FLAC / WAV / AIFF / ALAC / DSD    o / o / o / o / o
  • USB type B input for PC (rear) Sample Rate USB type B In    
  • Asynchronous mode rear USB    
  • USB type B input for PC (rear)    384 kHz / 32-bit
  • USB-B DSD Audio Streaming (DoP): DSD2.8 / DSD5.6    -> DSD11.2
  • D-Bus    
  • Headphone Out    
  • Headphone Volume Control
  • Metal Front Panel    
  • Remote Control    RC005PMSA
  • Power Consumption in W    47
  • Standby Consumption in W    0.3
  • Auto power off    
  • Detachable Power Cable    
  • Maximum Dimensions (W x D x H) in mm    440 x 419 x 123
  • Weight in kg    16.4
  • Carton Maximum Dimensions (W x D x H) in mm    557 x 536 x 243
  • Carton Weight (inc. product) in kg    19.6​


Lisätietoa: Valmistajan sivut

Marantz tarjoaa Premium -ja Premium+ tuotteilleen pidennetyn 5 vuoden takuun, kunhan kuluttaja rekisteröi ( ) tuotteensa 3 kuukauden kuluessa ostopäivästä.

Alla ohjeistus pähkinänkuoressa:

  1. Consumers is interested in a Marantz product and becomes aware of the 5years warranty via the brand website or the dealer
  2. Consumer buys a Premium or Premium plus product and can register this on a dedicated registration page ( within 3 months after purchase)
  3. Once all data is submitted, consumer will receive a confirmation email with a proof of the registration  
  4. When a product breaks, consumer can go to the dealer/service center with the defect product, receipt and confirmation email
  5. Dealer/ service center to check if serial numbers match, and if purchase date on the receipt is matching the registration
  6. Once all is fine, consumer qualifies for the extra warranty and the service can be executed free of charge.

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