Pro-Ject Acryl It E levylautanen



Pro-Ject Acryl It E levylautanen

The perfect upgrade for any owner of the Elemental or Essential II turntable. The use of acrylic reduces tinny frequencies and helps accentuate the mid-range better.

Functional and easy to use sound improvement!  

Upgrade your Elemental, Primary E or Essential turntable with Acryl it E. Acryl it E is made from acrylic with satinised surface and brings a more liquid sound that leaves no space for platter resonances.  
The change is easily made: just exchange your metal platter for Acryl it E. Unlike many platters, where you will need to place a felt met between record and platter to damp metal resonance, you can put your record directly on the acrylic surface, with nothing in-between. Acryl it E is able to improve overall performance significantly!  
  • Suitable for Elemental and Essential turntables  
  • Substitutes MDF platter  
  • Inert material avoids resonances  
  • Dent for label implemented  
  • Ideal for use with Clamp it  
  • Audiophile sound tuning  
  • Optical upvaluation 
Sopii Pro-Ject levysoittimiin:
  • Essential
  • Elementa​​l
Tekniset tiedot:
  • Paino: 1.2 kg
  • Paksuus: 20 mm 
  • Halkaisija: 300 mm

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