In addition to selling home and car hi-fi equipment, we offer our customers several complementary and alternative services, such as equipment rental.

Design and installation services for interiors

We offer design and installation services for homes, cottages, sauna buildings, restaurants and other places for consumers, companies, communities and public institutions. Read more >>

Design and installation services for vehicles

The Oulu business also offers design and installation services for all cars and vans, trucks, excavators, boats and ships. Read more >>

Rental of video and audio equipment

Sound reproduction devices, video devices or karaoke devices can be needed in almost every event. High-quality sound reproduction makes guests or event participants feel comfortable.Read more >>

Installation hall in Oulu

In our installation hall in Oulu, you can, for example, service your car/motorcycle or install audio equipment in your car. Read more >>

Sauna facilities in Oulu

In connection with the Oulu store, there is a sauna section equipped with high-quality sound reproduction equipment. The sauna room offers a good setting for evening parties of up to 20 people. We recommend rooms for 10 people. Read more >>