We implement audio and video systems for a home, business, car or, for example, a vacation home, regardless of the size of the object. Whether it is a new project or an existing one, from us you get a high-quality design and installation service based on long experience.

Order a home visit from us at the nearest store. You can also take the drawings to the store with you, and together we will design the best package that serves you.

The Oulu store handles all work related to car hi-fi. Read more >>


Fingersoft gaming campus Oulu, renovation of the auditorium

Ski center Iso input, a/v technology

Lekker 61 restaurant Oulu, sound system

Service Foundation Oulu, sound reproduction

Zemppi Areena Kempele, sound reproduction/acoustics

Shopping center Rajalla på Gränsen, video wall, sound system

Kaarlenholvi/Jumpru pub, expansion/renewal of sound reproduction and acoustics

Hairdressing salon Hiustenmaailma, sound reproduction

Restaurant Fratelli, sound system

Oluthuone Leskinen, cabinet A/V technology

Tom's delicacy center Zeppelin and Ideapark, sound reproduction and info screens

Toys R us Ideapark Oulu, sound reproduction

Kuntokeskus Liikku gyms, all locations, all A/V technology

Jungle juice bar, several locations, sound system

Parkbuffet Oulu, sound reproduction and video projector

Skidipark Ideapark Oulu, complete A/V technology

Ideapark Oulu sauna section, complete A/V technology

Peuhu Oulunsalo, a/v technology

Fingersoft gaming campus Oulu, a/v technology

GOS consulting, a/v technology

Alppimaja Oulu, sound reproduction, A/V technology

Oulu Golf sankivaara, a/v technology

ST1 Mountain deer, sound reproduction

Finlandia Hotel Airport Oulu, sound reproduction

Sähkö-Rantek Oulu, a/v technology

LTR Oulu, a/v technology

ODL rehabilitation Oulu, hall sound system

Savings bank Optia Oulu, A/V technology

Novec Oy Oulu, acoustics

The service industry union Oulu, a/v technology

Restaurant Hagia-Sofia Oulu, a/v technology

Restaurant Oskar's basement, update/repair of sound reproduction

Kuntoparkki Raahe, A/V technology